Wednesday, December 26

someone else's home for the holidays

i didn't take all that many pictures on christmas eve or christmas day. and the ones that i did take are all very different from one another so i wasn't sure how to make a post about them.
which is why i picked three of my favorites to post for now.

my parents and i hopped on a plane sunday morning and headed south to tampa, florida where both my aunt and grandmother live. so we all headed to my aunt's house for christmas eve dinner with some of her friends and then christmas with just the family. they were two very laid back but also very fun days. i haven't seen a lot of my family outside of my parents and brother in quite a while so these past few days were just really nice. not to mention we were constantly indulging in some great food (thanks aunt monica!).

so before i sort through the rest of my pictures (and my dad's because lets be honest, i'm going to snag some of his better ones) i thought i would leave you with a few scenes from my aunt's lovely home.
i hope everyone had a very merry christmas!


Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

Sometimes laid back days are the best days! Merry LATE Christmas and thanks for linking up! :)

Hanna said...

HI there! I am a new follower from The GFC blog hop....a little late:) Merry CHristmas and Happy New Year!!! I'm Hanna and you can find me here