Tuesday, November 27

my christmas wishlist

 i still can't believe that it is that time again for all of the holidays to come around. thanksgiving has already passed and next up is: christmas!

i thought i would make a little wishlist because i know that all of my lovely readers are dying to know what i want for christmas .. and because you know .. santa is surely one of those readers.

 1. the watch, i've already posted about. the project is almost funded but needs a little more help so you guys should really go check it out!

2. i want a crock pot. pinterest has just been too seductive this year for me to not have a crock pot.

3. i recently bought a new camera that is patiently at home waiting for me and i have been looking for a camera bag that can do double duty as an every day purse. i found this one by dre hartmann that i love but it is a little bit pricey! anyone have any good camera bag recommendations?

4. i am always on the lookout for some new stud earrings and these would be the perfect addition to my collection.

5. and finally, like i said here i need a way to organize all of my jewelry.  my mom found this on etsy and i think it would be perfect! you know for my ever growing collection of jewels...

and there you have it! well i could always find a few more things to add but... i'll take care of some of the shopping myself ;)


Ali W. said...

Okay....that is the cutest crock pot I have EVER SEEN! And you definitely need one! I use mine ALL THE TIME! :)

A and B said...

Love that bag! My husband and I made the same little mason jar rack from driftwood! Super easy!

josie @ letters to sophia said...

I want that crock pot!! Stopping by from the GFC Blog Hop! I was reading that you teach in Costa Rica, what an amazing job!! Excited to follow along!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Every time I see that watch I fall more in love with it!

Nicole Marie said...

I LOVE LOVE my crock pot! BEST invention ever! And that one in the picture is cute! Mine is just plain black.
I'm your newest follower from the GFC blog hop.


Nicole Marie said...

i want a corckpot here too! and a magic bullet! everyones juicing and i dont even like smoothies but everyones make them look so good!

Unknown said...

your bag is fabulous! or your future bag that is ha


love and cheer from thechiffondiary.com :)

The Egg said...

crock pots are the best things EVER!

xo the egg out west.

Melissa said...

Great wishlist! That shelf is adorable.

<3 Melissa

The Adventurer said...

THAT CROCKPOT. Oh sheesh - its beautiful!!!