Wednesday, October 24

DIY ... can i?

i haven't ever really shown any pictures of my apartment here in costa rica because it is just so tiny....and dark. but once school gets out (in less than two months!) i want to devote some time to making this place a little more homey and a little more space efficient.

one thing that i definitely want to do is organize my jewelry! since i do not have a vanity i decided i want something to hang on my wall where i can put all of my necklaces and some bracelets.

i've been searching in pinterest (obviously) and this is what i've come up with

this first one is very simple and very me! if i could get those little nails in a stick somehow without breaking it, then i could definitely pull this off. 

i also found this idea, which is already done

this option is from a little shop called SwishProductions. like the first option, its pretty simple and the best part is, it comes already finished. you can even customize the board covering. can you tell i'm already leaning towards this option?

anyone else have any (easy) ideas for hanging up my jewelry??


Filiz [Light and Sweet] said...

Check out this little DIY Earring solution. Its super easy to make and I love mine.
Picture Frame Earring Holder


Christa Waldrop said...

I love the first pin! Happy Wednesday!

Significance or Nothing.

Anonymous said...

I love that first one best! It's so creative! All of my necklaces hang on an old hat rack in my closet. It's not very pretty, but it's functional!

Life With Lauren said...

I need to make the 2nd one! So cute!

Anna Sumerlin said...

I made the first one in the comments too! It was so easy and I even have extra screen for you when you come home, you just need an old frame it works great.

Chelsea Coleen said...

i need to do this SERIOUSLY. seriously seriously. such a good idea! i forever will love pinterest

meme-and-he said...

ahh I love the branch! I have been wanting to do that as hooks on the wall too. Such a simple and cute idea.

bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

I love #1. I tried it a couple of months ago and it kept splitting the stick. Good luck!

Niki Caron said...

Both of those are great! I have a thing for sticks and twigs though so the first one is my favorite :) I really need to do something like that myself!

Have a great weekend!!