Monday, October 29

in costa rica we dont go to the beach

i've been in costa rica for over a year now and there is something that i've come to realize

when paris and his friends say they want to go to the beach .. they really don't. they want to go to a pool, near the beach. every time we have thought of staying the night at the beach, one of the requirements has been: it must have a pool.

i thought to myself, yeah i like pools .. but what about the beach? and now i know. in their minds pool trumps beach.  maybe it is because not all of the beaches here have long stretches of soft sand but instead a ton of rocks and sticks. or maybe because there is constantly the threat of people stealing your belongings. either way .. we spent the majority of our weekend at the pool!

those pictures were taken in the ten minutes we went exploring when we first arrived, and the other ten minutes we spent watching the sunset. i almost had to drag everyone out of the car saying .. aren't we going to get out and enjoy for a little while??? and once we were out, i think it did them some good :)


Bret said...

Ooo, sounds like I would like costa rica :) I hate going to the ocean/beach! The pool is much nicer :)

glad you got to enjoy some of the beauty surrounding you!

Rachel said...

haha, I've never been a huge fan of the beach, either! We used to live 50 feet away from the ocean and rarely went there. It was just too dirty and sandy and had too many stray dogs and other animals for my taste! When we did go, we always had fun, though!

Unknown said...

when I was in costa rica all I wanted to do was sit on the beach. how crazy!

Unknown said...

when I was in costa rica all I wanted to do was sit on the beach. how crazy!

The Adventurer said...

How funny!! With those incredible beaches around how could you not?! But then again I live in a city with some of the most amazing museums and welp... I never go ahhaha. Funny how we do that!