Wednesday, November 21

i think i'll start a watch collection

i'm not usually a watch wearing person. the main reason being: i don't have any watches.
well i have one, but the battery died months again and i just never got it fixed.
well good news for me, i recently found this blog through some blog hopping a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love. last week one of the sisters posted about her watch company, feral watches and i said: i want one. or two.
the creator of feral watches, meg is coming out with a new line for her watches and is trying to get the project started here. she needs to get a certain amount of funding because she can have her watches made for the masses! i already pledged because this watch has permanently caught my eye.

if you love it as much as i do then go check out the rest of her new line here and pick out which one you like... but seriously do it so i can start my watch collection. ;)


Niki Caron said...

I do love it!!! I'll have to check out the collection!!!

feral watches said...

thank you for sharing! you made my day! i wouldn't worry about your watch collection, we can take care of that ;)

Helen said...

Love the Jane. Just signed up

Jenna Secrist said...

Ohhhh love it!!!! I absolutely love the look of watches (especially vintage ones) but it bothers me a bit to have something so big around my wrist. I do have a very tiny watch that I wear sometimes. xx