Thursday, November 22

tales of a past thanksgiving

thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. and today marks my third (third already???) thanksgiving outside of the united states. since last year i foolishly didn't take any pictures of my first "costa rican thanksgiving" (a semi bust) i thought i would share some pictures from my first thanksgiving away from home when i was in spain! i keep thinking that i was in spain last year when it turns out it has already been longer than a year since i got back!

so here is a bit of a photo over-load of some pictures during a spanish thanksgiving with lots of good food and friends all wrapped up in my little spanish apartment! man, do i miss that place...

i hope everyone has a lovely lovely thanksgiving .. i will be thinking of all the food everyone is preparing and eating without me ;)


sashkonela said...

Hey Britta,

Aleksandra Birta is here. Many called me by my surname Birta - which is very similar to you name :)
Thank you for joining us on Aloha Affair party.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and I hope that you`ll have a proper celebration, even tough you are far away...


Chelsea Dawn said...

These photos are making me hungry!