Friday, October 5

oh friday

dear pitbull concert: you were extremely entertaining. i mean, we were so close that pitbull may or may not have winked and blown me a kiss. however, you were an hour and a half long.. and that was not long enough. dear visa: what the heck? its been over 7 months since i applied for you and i am still being told to come back next month? by the time i get i will have already worked a full school year. dear students: you guys just make me smile. dear blog: i know i have been kind of neglecting you lately, but i just needed a little break. i will try to be back next week.


SEL said...

I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO jealous you saw Pitbull. I listened to pretty much just him while training for a half marathon and running the actual half. I loveeeee him!

Libby A. said...

How fun! I would love to see Pitbull, so much energy! We went to the black keys last night...must be concert season :)


Chelsea Dawn said...

I haven't been to a concert in a few years, would love to see Pitbull! Glad you had a great time,

The Adventurer said...

I am so pumped to see a picture from THE pitbull concert! That you and your husband (hahaha remember that?) went to!

So fun!!