Tuesday, October 2

i just can't get enough

okay, so i know i have posted a bagillion pictures of rocco in the last few weeks but i honestly cannot get enough of him. he has been getting cuter and cuter as each week passes.
i look forward to bed time when he hops up on to bed, goes straight to wear i'm sitting and burrows under the covers until he's curled up right next to my legs.
or in the mornings when pops his head out and just starts giving me kisses.

and although he looks like he's in complete shock from his bath the other day, he was such a good sport about it. no crying, whining, nothing ;) my baby boy.

i'm really so glad i made the decision to get this little guy, makes me smile every day!


SEL said...

He's such a cutie!

I used to post pictures of my dogs, Romeo and Babe Ruth, all the time too. Then I had my daughter, s and she somewhat took over. But I've been slowly adding them back again to instagram, the blog, etc., :)

Niki Caron said...

He's SO adorable!!!

Allison Taylor said...

Aw, I'd be posting just as many photos if Rocco was mine. Adorable!