Monday, October 8

which to choose

alright guys, i'm trying to make this pretty important decision: canon or nikon??

this is going to be my first DSLR purchase and i'm pretty excited about it. i've had a smaller canon digital camera for a while but i think its time for an upgrade. since i've been living in another country for a while now, i've realized how important it is to me that i take pictures both here in costa rica, and during my times at home.

i know that it isn't the camera that takes the great pictures, its the person .. right?? so i want to learn! with my job i have plenty of time to teach myself a little bit about how to take a good picture.

so my question to you guys is: canon or nikon?? i've read that the only difference between canon and nikon now a days is personal preference, the way the buttons are laid out and the operating systems. so i've found two camera's that have definitely caught my attention: 

the Canon T2i, and the Nikon D3200.

i've read amazing things about both but now i just don't know what to pick! if anyone has anything to say about either camera i would love to hear your advice!


SEL said...

I've heard a lot about the canon rebel. I ultimately went with a nikon D3000 because, well, it's amazeballs. My Mom has a nikon as well and the pictures have amazing clarity.

I think either way, you'll be happy. But I personally vote nikon. ;)

bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

If money is no option, canon rebel with nikon lenses. Unfortunately money IS an option for me. I have the nikon D3000 too, and I love it :)

Chelsea Dawn said...

I have the Canon T1i and I absolutely love it! Most of my friends have Canon SLRs.

I actually wouldn't mind getting the latest model, the T4i. But at the end of the day, its more the lens than the body that makes the difference.

Allie said...

im partial to my nikon! but canons are also pretty fancy...

Meg said...

I just bought the canon T3i, and it's amazing. Um, wow. I was considering a Nikon too, but the quality of a Canon is just unbelievable. Good luck with your purchase, I'm in love with my dslr. Hope you find the perfect fit!

Laura said...

Personally I have always liked Canon better than Nikon... something about the way that the pictures come out is just prettier with the Canon. But I have known so many other people who love Nikon, so I really think either is a great option!

Treasure Tromp said...

I love my canon. a lot.

Natasha Ting said...

I have a canon and i love it a lot, you know just like my daughter. sometimes i do torture her a little by overwork her but well. It works just fine and I don't wanna techobabble on all the pixelious differences between these two brands, but I'd like to say that Nikon scores a lottt more higher on its lens quality. Inevitably faster. Although i love the Canon L series lenses, i hate that Canon always spends more time advertising than improving its lines.
I don't think you'd regret by choosing either of them, but I'll always recommend Nikon over Canon if someone were to buy a dSLR.

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