Tuesday, May 1

tid bits

just some random things from the past few days...

i bought some green pants!! i can't tell you how long i have been wanting to buy some colored jeans because they are the latest thing (i guess for a few months now) and obviously have been all over pinterest. i walked into zara last week and they have a ton of colored jeans among other lovely pieces of clothing, but it was one of those days where i couldnt bring myself to try on any clothes. well today i did try on some of those pants and it was a match made in heaven! so i am now the new owner of some green jeans and i can't wait to show 'em off.

i had the day off today but unfortunately i spent most of the day doing schoolwork. boo. the second round of exams is coming up in a few weeks so unfortunately its that time again for me to create the exams. its so annoying having to actually make a test. i think i would much rather be taking these tests than actually making them. thank god the textbook companies have a ton of resources that make is a little bit easier. and hopefully next time i'll finally work out my schedule so i wont have to be doing them last minute again ;)

english day at school is coming up this saturday. its something we've been planning at school since before school started in february and its finally here, thank goodness. each group is really only going to be performing a very short dance, like we're talkin' three minutes each, but the amount of time money and effort that has been put into this day is a little crazy. not to mention the amount of classes my students have missed to practice for this thing has gotten us way behind on our annual plan (yes i'm being that teacher). but keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes smoothly this saturday!

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