Monday, April 30

beach weekend pt 2

a few more pictures from the beach this weekend. paris and his sisters recently got these iphone covers that allow you to bring your iphone into the water. it makes me a little nervous even though it is advertised with people taking pictures from beneath water. but we played a lot with that this weekend having lots of fun taking pictures in the ocean and the pools. except it was a little difficult to get some of the pictures with the waves continually hitting us and sometimes catching us off guard. but a lot of fun was had and thats what matters right?

now i just have to finish all that work i didnt do this weekend... ;)

and i'll leave you with the best picture from the weekend ... one of those waves that caught us off guard.

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Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

iphones in the water? i've never heard of such a thing! thats crazy!