Sunday, April 29

beach weekend

this weekend we went to the beach. paris and i, two of his sisters, two cousins, one girlfriend and one friend all piled into two cars and headed to the beach. we went to punta leona which is a place i had never been before but paris's parents recently became members so we finally took advantage.

it was a really great weekend that seemed to last 4 days instead of just two. the beach was beautiful, as most of the beaches here are. we found some monkeys trying to steal one woman's food and paris's sister actually went up to them and just held out some chips and they would crawl over and reach out and just take them right from her hand. it was super cute.

we spent the entire day on saturday at the beach or at the pool. after a quick dinner we went back to the beach to find that there was a sponsored party, like a dj and games and beach volleyball all sponsored by dos pinos te frio. it was then that i had one of those "this is my life?" moments. everyone was dancing, but not the type of dancing that would happen back home, instead it was bachata and salsa and pairs just dancing up a storm. and then i was dancing too, as if it were natural for me too to be dancing salsa on a tropical beach with a ton of other people. it was just one of those moments where i realized, oh thats right, i live in costa rica and not back home in the united states. and it felt good.

i have tons more pictures and they are the fun ones so i will try to get them up on tuesday when i catch up on all my schoolwork that i have to get done! hope everyone had a great weekend :)


Jenn @ PSP said...

Oh wow, total fail on my part. I meant to say I spent two months teaching middle school English in the US, I guess I didn't spend enough time on your blog to realize you were in COSTA RICA!! That is so awesome! It must be such an incredible experience! It's one of those things that would be incredibly awesome to do someday for me - teach English in another country. How did you get into that? These pictures are so gorgeous! I can't believe you get to live there and see all these things!

bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

oooooh this looks so amazing. glad to see you living your dreams. isn't it amazing when the stars align like that?