Friday, April 27

friday's letters

a little preview of the weekends activities

dear friday, thank goodness you are finally here. this week has been a little bit draining and i am glad you made it. dear students, i am so proud of you for learning the rest of your dance that you are performing next week. i'm not gonna lie, the choreographer and i weren't sure you would be able to do it, but you did and it looks great. also, thank you for cooperating today in class. i was pretty surprised at how much work you got done for a friday. dear boyfriend, welcome home :) i'm glad you had a nice mini vacation before your new job starts but i am so glad that you are back here with me. dear airlines, can you puh-lease give a girl a break and put some cheaper flights up there? this time two years the same flights were almost $250 cheaper than they are now. i just want to go home and see my very missed friends and family.



Libby A. said...

seriously, why are flights so expensive?! Hopefully something magical will happen and they are cheaper than ever for ya! happy friday! :)

thecoffeehouse said...

yay!!! welcome home boyfriend!

Dana said...

I found your blog through your link up on Friday's Letters. I'm happy to be your newest follower!

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