Thursday, May 3

i'm going to be a bridesmaid!

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my brother is getting married next year and i'm going to be a bridesmaid! actually, one year from today to be exact. i've known for a while since my brother and sister-in-law got engaged a few months ago, but they decided to have a long engagement because weddings sure to cost a lot of moo-lah. i've been around a ton of weddings before, as i worked at a wedding venue and was in charge of making sure every ceremony went smoothly. but now i'm so excited because this is the first time i am going to be in a wedding party! (well minus that one time when i was like 5 and my grandpa got remarried and i ended up sitting down in the aisle....but thats another story).

the color scheme is yellow and the venue is The Hampshire House in Boston. it is an adorable venue that is small and very quaint and looks like it would be the library from clue. the color scheme is yellow, hence all those lovely yellow dresses up there. there is no set dress that the other bridesmaids and i are supposed to wear, it just has to be yellow! i love this idea. my brother and sister-in-law want to focus on a celebration for their wedding day and not so much a stiff formal event.

so even though there is a full year until the wedding i have been searching for the perfect dress! i want it to be something classic but really fun. i've found these 5 dresses on pinterest and they're some that i really like i'm just not sure which one would be the most appropriate! as of right now number 3 is my absolute favorite. its a custom made dress i found on etsy and its only 60 bucks! too good to be true? help! i want your opinions on which dresses and styles you like the best!

*i understand that some of these dresses are either a. sold out or b. way out of my price range, but im looking for opinions on styles, colors, shapes, etc!

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With Arms Outstretched said...

#3 is ADORABLE. i love it.

can't wait to have a sister : )