Tuesday, May 15

my students say the darnest things

what do you think of my students' artwork? future artists i'd say ... maybe...

anyway, even though sometimes my students make me want to rip my hair out ... they can also be pretty funny sometimes. being that they're between the ages of 12 and 14 they are at that age where trying to be cool and fit in is all that matters, so they attempt to say all these crazy things.

i like to give them some creative activities every once in a while because i think it is a good way for them to practice their skills. those assignment are always the most fun to grade too. up above are some "monuments" they had to draw that would represent themselves in order for people to remember them in the future.

and here are some excerpts from their most recent creative writing assignment where they had to create a story about anything that was written in third-person point of view:

"Once upon a time ther was a green possum that had no friends because he spended all the day stealing and eating food."

"There once was a little village in the middle of nowhere, where the wind blows so strong that it blows the cows away." 

"After a long trip in the tornado's arms, they landed in a swamp, full with alpaccas wearing mustaches and laughing at every bubble they would make with their noses."

* i typed these exactly as my students wrote them. remember that these guys are learning english as their second language!

and then sometimes i just get these random questions such as: 

"teacher, do you buy potatoes usually?"

"teacher, have you ever thrown a tortilla to a squirrel?" 

"teacher, are you a ninja?"

at least they're entertaining, right? 


Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

Your students all sound like they'd have me on the floor laughing! Even though I bet teaching english as a second language is challenging and I'd probably pull my hair out too. I like the alpaca comment, it makes no sense but has all the right parts, mustaches, alpacas, and bubbles!

peter said...

Great fun. Good you give them a framework to express themselves!

Kati - Incorporating Color said...

Gotta love middle school/junior high students -- always entertaining!

Celebrating the Day said...

so sweet! i use to teach and my students would make me laugh so hard sometimes. that age can be really funny!