Monday, May 14

monday musings

i have been missing home a lot lately. i find myself constantly thinking about what i would be doing if i were at home, or what all of my friends are doing right now, or what we would be doing together if i were at home. the thing is, even though i've been here for almost a year now, i still don't have many friends. yeah, p and i go out on the weekends and we hang out with his friends, and most of them are very nice guys and we all have a lot of fun together. but i can't help feeling like they aren't my friends. friends that i can just call up and say, hey wanna go grab a coffee? or do you want to go shopping? (p loves when i ask him to go shopping .. not.) what i'm trying to say is i sure do miss having my girlfriends (seriously, i miss you gals) around. don't get me wrong, i love p's sisters, but sometimes a girl just needs her friends. 

thats why i picked this little quote for today's monday musings. i'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. everything works out the way it should. so right now i just have to remember that i am right where i am supposed to be. and sooner or later i know i'm gonna find some girl friends that i can be as girly as i want with and not feel bad about it.

hope you have a good monday :)


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

but you have all of us!! :) i agree ... girlfriends are the best.

bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

aw, i am so sorry. i can completely sympathize :( have you tried to get in touch with people with common interests? yeah, it's kinda scary, but it couldn't hurt :)

xo bhrett