Tuesday, May 15

two years ago today..

i graduated? uhh .. where has that time gone?

thats me and my bestie just hanging out in the fountain on campus after graduation.

i honestly cannot believe that two years have gone by. in those two years i moved to spain, back to new jersey, and then to costa rica. i'd say these have been the biggest whirlwind two years of my life.

when i was younger i used to think that after i graduated college, i would get married, have the perfect career job, and a house. all by the age of 23. (ha!) but since now that i'm here at 23 and none of those things have quite gone the way i thought i'm thinking i'll push the deadline back oh, maybe 10 years????

but i'm so happy to say that because two years have gone by since i graduated, it now means that this weekend one of my other dear friends gets to graduate! during my graduation i remember thinking, i can't wait to go back in two years to see katie graduate. now that the time is here i am so sorry that i wont be able to make it but i am so proud that the day is finally here for her!

congratulations on finishing thesis and senior year, my muffin! you have big things ahead of you and i can't wait to see them unfold :) 

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Lindsey said...

I have the same picture in mu room <3 and miss you xoxo