Monday, January 6


Last Sunday, we went with some friends to the top of a mountain. We've made this trip before and a few other times not documented here on the blog. Like I mentioned the last time, the trip to the top of this mountain is scary (although typically I am the only one who thinks so). The road up is just so steep that I usually have to close my eyes so I'm not imagining the car just rolling backwards. On this last journey here were about 5 cars just stopped on the way up because they couldn't go any further!

But besides the terrifying  ride up, the view is just something spectacular. Before we headed up, we grabbed some ceviche from our favorite hole in the wall place where the ceviche is seriously to die for and my favorite blackberry tea and had a lovely little picnic while we watched the sun go down. I must say, that even though the ride is a bit scary, the view is totally worth it. It is one of my favorite Costa Rican pretty places I have found to date and I'm glad I have been able to enjoy such places during my final weeks here.


Something Infinitely Interesting said...

So pretty!!!

Heather Marie said...

Wow that is sooo beautiful. I think costa rice is on places I want to go to in 2015, it looks amazing!