Tuesday, December 24


I love the festive spirit of the holidays. This is the very first time I will not be in the states or with my parents for Christmas. Although I am a little bit sad about it, I am excited to experience a Christmas in Costa Rica with Paris and his family. Christmas is, after all, about being with the ones you love.

I'm not sure what is going to happen with this little blog in the New Year. For the past few weeks, my mind has been occupied with moving back to the states and being away from Paris. I know that it was my decision to make the move and I am confident that it is the correct decision. But it doesn't change that fact that it is still scary. Paris and I will do the best we can to see each other during the year and hopefully, if everything goes as we would like, he will be joining me in the states at the end of next year or soon after. I didn't want to keep writing about and dragging on all my worries so I just haven't been writing anything. I'm fairly confident that I will come back to this space after my move is over in early January. So hopefully you will all stick around until then!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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