Wednesday, November 27


Last Friday in Costa Rica it was Teacher Appreciation Day. Let me just start off by saying, in light of recent events, I found it very ironic. Nonetheless, it was a day less of being in class that included a free lunch, some beautiful scenery, and lots of laughs with my coworkers. The place was called Colinas del Poas, and it was a beautiful outdoor recreation center nestled away on the mountain of the Poas Volcano. It was just lovely. We didn't do that much other than enjoy the sunshine. Some of us may or may not have taken naps on the grass and may or may not have been judged by the less "campesino" teachers. Regardless, it was a much needed break for my coworkers and me. Not to mention, I got to visit a new corner of the country I had never been before. Always a plus!

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