Wednesday, October 2


Yesterday was one of those great days that quickly turns bad after a single, stupid, upsetting event.

Quite often, the town where we live will cut off the water for a few hours at a time. Yesterday I woke up to no water .. don't worry I have bottles of water so I was able to brush my teeth, etc. I then tweeted something snarky about how they cut the water off just in time for people to go to work. Boy, did karma have it out for me yesterday.

I came home from work in the afternoon to find out that the water was still turned off. I checked the faucet downstairs in the kitchen and upstairs in the bathroom. I quickly got ready and ran out to meet up with my private tutoring family. Almost two hours later I walk into my apartment and am suddenly surprised by how much it sounds like a waterfall. Well, low and behold .. there was a waterfall! The water was pouring down from my ceiling, into the kitchen. Turns out I had very very stupidly left the faucet open when I was checking to see if the water had been turned on! 

Luckily for me, I had over an hour and 6 clean towels that I quickly snatched borrowed to clean up my mess before Paris came home. I kept thinking to myself, I am definitely NOT telling anyone about this. I mean, what a careless mistake! Thank goodness nothing was damaged. No electronics in the kitchen, the carpet upstairs .. no damage. And I cleaned up all the water well enough that Paris didn't even notice when he came home. I eventually told him a few hours later but swore him to secrecy because if his family found out I would probably never hear the end of it.


Megan C. Stroup said...

Oh no! I'm glad the damage was minimal enough that you could clean it yourself. Sorry this happened to you!

John Williams said...

Waking up without water in your faucet is hard. It can delay our daily routine, especially our morning bath. I also experienced this in my first rental. Well, we should always check our faucets and see if they're open or not. If ever our apartments are flooded again and we need help to dry our stuff, we can hire somebody to do that. :)

Expert Dry

Anonymous said...

Oh wow you are SO lucky nothing got damaged!
I wouldn't feel too stupid about it, we've all made mistakes like this!

Kate | Diaries of an Essex Girl

Gail Wallace said...

So it looks like the only things that are considered as damaged were the towels. It's good that the mess was that easy to remedy. Yes, I get what you’re saying about you’ll never hear the end of it when people found out about your mistake. Don’t worry about it, it’s okay to forgive yourself for being so careless sometimes. It's a way to learn, and I know you'll never make the same mistake again. Have a good day!

Gail Wallace @ Emergency Flood Masters

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