Sunday, October 13


Good morning, Sunday readers. Yesterday we took Katie to Jaco beach and even though we only got about two hours of beach time because of the rain, the whole day was a success! Today we are headed to a volcano because you can't come to Costa Rica without seeing at least one.

Reading: the book Night. A co-worker lent it to me and told me that even though I enjoy stories from this time because I think they are very interesting, this book would most likely make me cry. I've just started it but I'm nervous to find out how it progresses.
Writing: nothing! Except blog posts. I am on vacation until Wednesday and taking advantage of it.
Listening: pretty much my same playlist from last week
Thinking: about how fun our day at the beach was yesterday. More on that this week!
Wishing: that I could have a friend from home with me in Costa Rica all the time. The laughs are endless!
Hoping: that we will get to actually see the volcano we are going to visit today. Unlike last time, when it was way too cloudy.
Loving: that I can show Katie my little life here in Costa Rica. It is always interesting showing someone else how you live when they are accustomed to other things.
Wanting: the next few days to go very slowly.
Clicking: through all the pictures we took yesterday.

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Danielle V. said...

Ah, such a beautiful view! Enjoy your time today :)


Unknown said...

Have fun at the volcano! How exciting!

And I loved the book Night--it was sad but it gave a lot of perspective.

Enjoy your weekend :)

xo, gina

Megan said...

Night is a great book! I was going to say I enjoyed it, but that sounded too morbid :/

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I can't wait to read all about your trip when you return.

Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl