Monday, September 16


Happy Monday, everyone! I'm ready to check-in on my weekly wishes from last week and get the week rolling with a new goal! So last week my goal was to get ahead. I was able to do exactly as I had hoped and got so much accomplished on Monday that the rest of the week felt like a cakewalk. If only every week I had Monday free of classes to do as much work as I pleased .. I wish!

My new goal for this week is to organize my blog and the way I manage it. I mainly want to focus on organizing the time I spend writing posts. This weekend I was able to chat up Nicole, whose blog is so lovely, and thankfully she was able to give me some great tips! The first thing I am going to do is come up with a weekly layout of which posts I will write on which days. For example: every Monday I will have a weekly wishes post, reviewing my progress from the previous week and setting a new goal for the current week. It is my hope that having a weekly layout will make writing my posts go much more smoothly and efficiently so that I can free up some of that time I normally spend searching the internet for inspiration about what to write.

What about you? What are your wishes for the week?


C T said...

Wow you did great for last week's goals!
Creating a weekly layout of posts sounds so organized. I really need to that to keep track of what and when I post stuff.
Good luck with this week's goals and have a great Monday!

Treasure Tromp said...

congratulations on meeting your goal for last week! get it, Britta!

And good luck with your weekly schedule! you can do it!!

Amy Lee Scott said...

Nicole is such a rockstar! And I love the idea of getting on a weekly layout. I more or less stick to a MWF schedule which I really like. One day I want to see if I can blog everyday but right now it's just not in the stars. Good luck getting your blog life in order :)

Amber Leigh said...

That's a great goal. I pre-wrote all of my posts last week and it felt great, I felt way more organized! Good luck this week!!

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

well done you! :)

and all the best luck this week - organising a blog is very important, i think :)

Erika from Chimerikal said...

Hey Britta! I'm glad that last week went so well for you! :) I could use a bit of that "getting ahead" spirit, haha. I feel like I've just been behind in general for weeks now!

As for organizing and/or creating an editorial calendar, that's so smart. I'm thinking I need to do one. I love the daily activity of blogging, but waiting until the day of leads to a lot of inconsistency sometimes. I think I want to at least spend some time this week writing some "back up" posts to help me out, just in case things get a little hectic (and I have a feeling they will).

I also have been toying lately with doing monthly features, too... sometimes I feel like I need to do things on a weekly basis, but that leaves me feeling boxed in sometimes. So, maybe I'll have some things I'll only write about every few weeks or so.

Anyway, thanks for letting me use your comments section to think aloud, haha. Good luck with coming up with your schedule! :))))


Alli said...

These are great goals for the week, I've been thinking I need to organize the way I handle my blog business too! I've been lagging on responding to comments and emails too, it's just bad etiquette and that's not the way I want to operate!

Megan C. Stroup said...

I know this post is really late, but I just wanted to say that picture is so sweet!!!