Saturday, September 21


This is my very first self portrait I took with my DSLR that I bought last December.
Since then I have done my best to teach myself how to use my camera with some success and sometimes not so much success. Even still, I'm really excited about my most recent purchase of Extremely Essential Camera Skills! I have had my eye on this tutorial for many months now but just never pulled the trigger. I really can't wait to start reading and watching the tutorials so that I can fully understand the power of my camera. Hope you guys are ready for a lot more pictures!


Bonnie Rose said...

Britta I love your wallpaper by the way! The vertical stripes add a great interest there in the background. Plus I really like the pose there to the side with you camera. Thank for link up today!


Chelsea said...

Can't wait to see more photos!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I want to take that course! I really feel like it would help me a lot with my camera skills! Your self-portrait is beautiful!