Monday, July 22

vacation is over

shirt: tailor and stylist, belt: madewell, shorts: jcrew, watch: gift

my vacation at home is over and i am back in costa rica ready to start work again.
it is always the hardest to go back to work after a long vacation! especially one spent
at home. i'm sure it is no secret that i love being home and miss it very much when i am here
in costa rica. i can hardly believe that i have been here for two years already.
while i was home made the decision that after my school year ends in december i will be moving
back to start studying and working and hopefully getting a life started for paris and i so that
when he is able to come join me everything will be ready. it is going to be hard and my biggest
fear is putting us in a long distance relationship again but i guess it comes with the territory when you 
and your boyfriend are from different countries. but for now we will enjoy the time left we have
while i am here. even though it is still half a year away i am excited to think of starting yet another
new chapter in my life.


Vivika Vaina said...

You are so cute! I love your shirt!

Allie said...

Your shirt is perfect and you look very happy and refreshed! :)