Tuesday, July 23

the lemon squeezeer

while i was home and my brother and SIL came to visit we went hiking!
we chose a hike that my dad, brother and i have collectively done quite a few times called the lemon squeezer.it is about a three mile hike round trip but the main attraction is this bunch of rocks called...
the lemon squeezer. why? because they are so close together you really have to squeeze your way through.
i must admit that i am definitely not in as great of hiking shape as i used to be because this trip
was pretty much a killer. but we all made it through and lived to tell the tale! i say this jokingly because in high school my dad and i and my school's outdoor's club may or may not have gotten lost for two hours taking a detour on this hike...when it started to get dark...and then start snowing.
but luckily we learned our lesson and brought our maps, glasses, and bear bell!


Victoria said...

love the AT! doing part of it in Maine starting tomorrow! :)

With Arms Outstretched said...

so much fuuuun