Wednesday, April 17

taking more opportunities

in keeping with my vow to travel more this year, i am trying to say yes to as many opportunities that come my way. for one reason or another i tend to turn down invitations for things that i should really take part in! so, when one of my private students offered me the chance to go on a canopy tour (zip-lining) with her and some friends i said yes. can you believe that i had not yet been zip-lining before this?? sadly, it's true.

however, i am now an accomplished zip-liner and here are some pictures to prove it. there were 14 lines and 19 platforms on our tour. some of the platforms we had to walk to and some we just arrived on one zip-line and left on another. all really high up in the trees. if you are someone who enjoys roller coasters i think zip-lining would be right up your alley. otherwise, maybe stick to some nice hikes.

anyone else ever been on a canopy tour??


Kayla said...

Ziplining on a canopy tour is on my bucket list. I've done a few ziplining adventures but never through forest.

Memoirs & Mochas

Living in Another Language said...

I've heard zip-lining through Costa Rica is absolutely breathtaking! My sister did it with her husband on their honeymoon. Their pics were incredible! I love this, I'm so glad you went.

Amanda | Living in Another Language

fiona said...

Lovely blog! Also I hope that I can say "i am now an accomplished zip-liner" one day too, that's a pretty excellent claim!

Kristin W said...

SOOOOO cool! I would love to be able to say yes to this!