Tuesday, April 16

just a moment


 i just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge what happened in boston yesterday. as someone who has watched the marathon multiple times, and who has been in the same spot where yesterday's tragedies occurred, well it is just terrifying and unsettling. 

to my brother and sister-in-law i'm so glad you are both safe. to all my friends in the boston area, the same. and to all of those affected by the events of yesterday i send you my love and prayers. this was a senseless act of violence that took innocent lives, injured innocent people and dampened the spirits of many.
but as usual, our spirits will not be dampened for long. 
we will grow stronger because of this.


Ashley @ Always Ashley said...


tiarenie said...

I'm glad to hear that your friends and family are safe.

Kayla said...

Happy your family and friends are safe. Can't stop sending prayers to Boston. Just tragic.

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A and B said...

lovely quote...such a senseless tragedy :(

With Arms Outstretched said...

: ) thanks, britta

Carrie @ CarriedAway88 said...

I am glad your friends and family are okay! It was such a sad and tragic event and my prayers are with them.