Sunday, March 10

the sunday recipe

i think i've found a way to make schoolwork on the weekends more bearable:

a pizza bigger than the box it comes in
a beautiful afternoon outside in the mountains

grading the 80+ quizzes that i had to grade this weekend wasn't so bad with those two ingredients.


Kiersten said...

Maybe if I'd had this pizza I'd have gotten all my stuff done this weekend...
<3 Kiersten

Andrea @ Mostly Happenstance said...

That pizza looks really delicious. Do they deliver to Seattle? haha

Anonymous said...

A pizza too big for its box. That is a beautiful sight.

Mary Catherine said...

Lovely view, and the pizza looks good too! :) Hope all the grading went well. Stopping by from the Monday Mingling blog hop. New GFC and BlogLovin' follower. Hope you have a great week.

Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

Allison Leighann. said...

My gosh, all of this looks absolutely lovely. Especially that pizza.

I'm Allison, by the way. Found you through the blog hop and I can't wait to see more of your blog! I love it so far. (: This is only my second blog hop, so I'm extremely excited!