Monday, March 11

la finca

in a lot of my blog posts i reference us going to la finca or going up the mountain like i did yesterday, and i thought i should explain what i mean by that. paris's parents own another property that is up on a mountain. it is actually really close to the property where we live downtown just directly up the mountain about 5 minutes. the property is just beautiful and over the years paris's dad has constructed numerous small apartments that he rents out to people. sometimes i call it la finca because part of the property is rented out to grow peppers and onions. plus there are always a ton of dogs and sometimes cows and horses roaming around. we go up there quite often even if its just for an hour or two to relax and get some fresh air in. the peacefulness is what gets me. it is the perfect place to set up camp with a good book and a glass of ice tea.

so if you're ever wondering where i am taking all of these pictures of a farm or pretty views of the is probably from there.


tiarenie said...

I looove going to our finca here! All I do is walk around all day and eat the food of the trees :)

Treasure Tromp said...

such a beautiful place!!

Amanda Schroeder said...

Your pictures are beautiful.


Adrienne Clark said...

Gorgeous pics! Found ya through the Monday Mingling Link-up. Hope you're having a good Monday!

Marissa said...

Awesome pictures! Love your blog :) I am also a sponsor to Life Unpublished and saw her post with you mentioned too! Glad I found your blog!

- Rissa

Jenna said...

So lovely! Must be amazing to have a place so close by to escape to from time to time :) Sounds serene.