Monday, February 25

the best macaroni salad

i love macaroni salad. when i was little i used to beg my parents to take me to this very specific deli just to get my favorite macaroni salad. all other places just wouldn't cut it. that is .. until high school when i found out that the special ingredient was two pounds of sugar. darn you wilkes deli!!

anyway, paris's mom taught me how to make her signature macaroni salad which i now eat almost every other week.

what you need:
one package of noodles/macaroni/shells (you can use whichever type of pasta you prefer)
one can of drained tuna
some diced or shredded carrot
some chopped red pepper
chopped onion
diced cilantro
2-3 tablespoons of mayo (or more)


here's what you do:

mix everything together! it is really that simple and it really tastes sooo good. you can put as much or as little mayo as you like, depending on your preferences. i added a little extra mainly because there is mayo here with lime in it and i kind of love it.

in total it takes about 15 minuets to make. quick, easy, and delicious.


Kristin W said...

Yum!! I think I might make this for work lunches this week. I do still eat tuna, so this is a great way to get in some extra protein!

Brani Laine said...

I need to figure out a vegetarian way to cook this...but otherwise, yum! I hope you're doing well! :)


Treasure Tromp said...

first of all, um. second, you always take the best pictures!