Tuesday, February 26

let the rain begin

top: forever 21 (similar) - pants: urban outfitters - wedges: aerosoles (similar) - bracelets: mom - watch: feral watches

it seems like the rain has started here in costa rica. 
it slowly began while i was still at school and luckily i had my umbrella. i learned the hard way last year that going to school without my umbrella, no matter the temperature in the morning, is a bad bad idea. 

the downpour started on my bus ride home so i only had to walk a few meters back to my apartment where i learned lesson #2 about preparing for the rain before leaving the house: the bedroom window must be closed or your bed will get soaked. ugh.

at least i had plenty of time to put the fan on it before bed.
lesson learned!


Kristin W said...

I love this shirt! Now did you get Paris to take these pictures for you?? I can't quite get D to understand how to take fashion pictures yet ;)

Heather Marie said...

love the shirt!! rain is something that I would not be prepared for... too bad you dont have some wellies down there to help you be prepared!

Bonnie Rose said...

Oh no about the rain getting inside from the windows! I'm trying to remember to open our windows everyday to air out the house here in England, but then it rains and I gotta run around closing all the windows again. :)

Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

Heather Marie said...

ALSO love love that watch!!

Treasure Tromp said...

you are just the cutest :)

Niki Caron said...

Oh no! It's never fun to get caught in a downpour! You look fabulous and I LOVE your shoes!

The Adventurer said...

NO!!! That sounds awful!! At least you looked cute :)