Monday, November 12

turning of the seasons

the seasons have been turning slightly here in costa rica. of course, nothing like summer turning into fall at home with red and orange leaves everywhere. more like excruciatingly hot days turning into much more tolerable afternoons.

so on saturday we decided to spend the day outside enjoying warm and breezy afternoon and it was one of the best ideas we have had in a while. we headed up to the family's second property and let rocco run free. boy did he love it. and so did i :)

i love spending time outside and for whatever reason i dont get to do it here enough. probably because the sun usually fries my skin in about 10 minutes. so here's to cooler days for a few more weeks.

what did everyone else do this weekend?


Jessica said...

I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Visit my blog to check it out.

Ariel said...

Looks beautiful and warm!!! So fun to see pictures of Costa Rica and where you are!

cynthia said...

Looks lovely and relaxing! :)

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

That puppy is soooooooooooo cute! AND that pool is really awesome! xoxo