Friday, November 9

dear costa rica,

dear blog: i took a few days off. this week has been extra busy with extra work and to be honest, i didn't have anything to write! i figured it would be better to not post anything and try to get some of those creative juices flowing. hopefully i'll be back and going strong next week. dear final exams: i had to make 6 of you this week in two days and that was not fun. glad i don't have to do that again until next year! dear major highway bridge: you collapsed. and now the county is in a crisis state because you have caused traffic backups on literally every other road in the area. at least i get two days off of work because of it! dear costa rica: maybe you should think about making some more roads so you don't have to cancel school when something like this happens. dear long weekend: you came out of nowhere! what should we do?? oh and dear boyfriend: i'm sorry you're sick! please get better soon it's no fun when you are sick.

happy weekending!



Kayla said...

A bridge collapse? That sounds terrible! Here's hoping your whole weekend isn't filled with traffic and stress.

Memoirs & Mochas

Allison Taylor said...

Taking a break from blogging is much needed sometimes. Yikes, 6 exams in one week! That's impressive, nice job!

Rachel said...

Creepy that a bridge collapsed! And I took a week off from blogging last month.. it was great!

Following you. :)


Treasure Tromp said...

oh man the roads in costa rica killed me. I was absolutely terrified to drive anywhere.

The Adventurer said...


Holy moly, B. That. is. nuts! At least you scored some vacation time :)