Sunday, November 4

lucky brand accessories

lucky accessories

i'm a big fan of lucky brand jewelry, maybe even more so than the clothes. and i have been trying really hard this year to save all my pennies so that i can continue to pay off my loans and hopefully buy myself and my family some nice christmas gifts this year!

and then lucky brand says that they are having a sale on all of their jewelry. so naturally i took a little peek and decided i wanted to buy all of their jewelry.

since i obviously can't do that i thought i would show you some of my favorite pieces

stacked rings 
hoop earrings
stone earrings  
peace bracelet  

confession: i treated myself to the hoop earrings!
go enjoy that that sale on their accessories, it ends on wednesday!

*this is not a sponsored post i just love lucky brand jewelry  

1 comment:

The Adventurer said...

I could TOTALLY get on board with that bracelet.

Now I need it.