Friday, November 2

dear me,

dear friday: even though this week flew by, it was a tiring one. i'm ready to sleep in on saturday. dear school: only a few more weeks, but man you really know how to pile all that work on at the last minute! dear bank account: i'm sorry. dear christmas presents: i'm starting to think about you now and so far i'm at a loss for pretty much everyone! any signs of what people want would be greatly appreciated. dear me: woo! you won the inpink giveaway from running on happiness! now all i have to decide is what to get... any suggestions?? i'm really liking these earrings.

happy weekending! xo



Anonymous said...

congrats on winning. I love your message to your bank account.

meme-and-he said...

"Dear bank account: I'm sorry." I know exactly how you feel.

The Adventurer said...

I've been thinking about Christmas presents for WEEKS and have zero, zip, nada ideas.

We need a brainstorm sesh, ASAP!

Chelsea Dawn said...

Congrats on winning the giveaway!