Thursday, September 6

the coming of fall

it's that time of the year again where everyone is talking about the going of summer and the coming of fall. the time where the overly heated days turn into perfectly cool afternoons and beautifully cool nights. the time when little dresses and wedges are turned in for big sweaters and tall boots.

oh if only costa rica had a fall season! right now we are in the rainy season so sometimes it gets cool but nothing near that of a sweater and scarf combo cool. and then it usually just gets really hot and humid again.

fall is just my favorite season and i can't help but be jealous of all of you blogland people who keep talking about all of the fall clothes and boots you are going to be wearing. if you had asked me in high school if i would rather have new jersey/new england fall (oh endicott first semester how i miss you) instead of costa rica weather i would have picked costa rica by a landslide.

but after experiencing two new england autumns you just don't want anything else.

well .. i want autumn! so all of you people gearing up for my favorite season so me a favor and take it all in. don't miss a single orange leaf or pumpkin picking opportunity. i'll be watching you ;)


Chelsea Coleen said...

i am going to miss summer but i am looking forward to fall! i take a billion pictures of the leaves. cant help myself!

Treasure Tromp said...

I'll trade you! I am going to miss summer so much