Tuesday, September 4

help a girl out!

you guys. i need help. i need some motivation!

i love working out. okay .. usually i love working out. but the past oh, few months, i have done absolutely nothing for my fitness. nothing! for me, that is like .. unacceptable.

so you tell me .. okay b, just go workout. this is where i need help. i need some motivation! a few months ago i had joined a local gym but i just didn't like it. it was always super crowded with not enough machines and it just really turned me off. so i never went.

and running? oh running. i miss it, i really do. i'm one of those people that needs to have music while i run. and here in this country i personally do not feel comfortable going for a run by myself with my ipod. paris has told me that it would be fine but i'm not there yet.

so that leaves me with working out at home. i've been searching for some at home workouts and i found this that i thought looked interesting.

i figure i could try it for a few weeks and see how it goes. i also have access to an elliptical that i could use to warm up with. what do you guys think? worth my time?

also, if any of you have any at home workouts that you have tried and loved .. help a girl out! i would love to hear what has worked and what hasn't worked for everyone!

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Stephanie said...

I've always like the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown dvd (even though I can't stand Jillian herself lol) It involves a lot more movement than typical yoga, so I always feel like I got a good workout when I'm done. Good luck with your fitness goals! :)

meme-and-he said...

I enjoy finding different workouts on pinterest, because it keeps things fresh and new each time. I also love zumba, and it is the one type of exercise that I haven't gotten tired of. Give it a try!!

Jennifer said...

That sounds like a nice doable work out. Go for the elliptical! Its tough but such a great cardio option:)

Traci said...

Hey lady, Just stopping by to let you know I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award :D

Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up to the GFC Hop! I appreciate you participating! Please remember to follow your hosts!


Alyssa said...

I like running too!! I've found that it is so much easier when you have a workout buddy! They keep you in line and you keep them in line! It's kind of like peer pressure too! (: Good luck! Found you from the blog hop!!

Jen said...

I've been in the same boat, I need to step up my workouts! I bought an elliptical so I have no excuse not to work out at home and I also love the Jillian Michael's dvds and cardio hula dvds to mix it up a little! I'm a new follower of your blog :)

Bev said...

hi, i following the GFC blog hop. i would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you like it.


new follower bev

Lynne said...

I was walking during lunch at work earlier this year...inside the building (our complex has lots of connecting walkways at different floors of different buildings...kind of like a hamster habitrail) and then about the end of July I just stopped. Please tell me the key to motivating myself again, when you find out what works for you. I feel your pain.

The Adventurer said...

B.... order Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred of Amazon. She is nuts but its AWESOME and only takes like 20 minutes each time. Kicks your butt, but isn't killer aka death.

ALSO I found your button. It had disappeared but its back, girl, its baaaack!

Allison Taylor said...

Haha I've never been a fan of working out (it's going to catch up to me verrrry soon haha) but your plan sounds pretty good. I'd try out yoga!

Unknown said...

New follower from the GFC blog hop!! :) Can't wait to hear from you :)

xoxo - kylie

Sylvia Holman said...

I'm so the same, I had my baby 12 weeks ago and still haven't found my motivation. Could do home workouts but I just never seem inspired, even though I'm the first to moan about my baby flab! Let me know how you get on! I think there's some motivation websites where you can sign up and pledge that you'll achieve a certain goal and then people can track you and help each other out... or something along those lines. Maybe that will help.
I've followed you back,
Sylvia @ www.sweetpeasylvie.com

Meredith Sledge said...

Oh, this is great! I usually just do workouts at the gym but I don't have my membership right now so I right just have to start this! Thanks for sharing!