Wednesday, September 19

someone had a rough day

 i know that based on my hair in this picture your're probably thinking that i'm the one who had a rough day. but no .. it was rocco.

rocco went to his 5 month check up at the vet the other day. lets just say that he knows what it means now when we get in the car and end up at the vet. he doesn't even let all four of his feet stay on that table. and at one point there were four hands holding down that little dog just so the doctor could do his thing. it's a good thing my rocco is pretty cute.

he was pretty reserved for the rest of the evening that day so we made sure to give him extra belly kisses .. he just loves 'em :)


Megan said...

Oh shame the tiniest little thing! He is so cute

Allison Taylor said...

haha that's hilarious you had to hold him down... I hope he isn't too traumatized though!

Love you Rocco!

Tarabelle said...

Awwww poor Rocco! Mine goes tomorrow :(

I found you on the blog hop; check me out if you would like. I'm following now.


Unknown said...

ah, poor Rocco!! look at that big hug!!

Krista Lynn said...

Hi Britta!! I nominated you for a Liebster Award and mentioned you in my post today! =D