Thursday, September 27


so a few weeks ago, paris's car kind of broke ... on the highway. okay so it didn't just like shut down on the highway. however something clearly broke and then started making this ugly noise every time paris accelerated. needless to say we were then out of a car.

however, around the same time, paris's dad had bought a fixer upper that he was going to give to paris. it looked something like this.

yes, i said a fixer upper. when i first saw this i thought .. greeeat it's going to be just like the one we just broke. but apparently paris's dad is a car guru. i mean, he really loves playing with cars. and on sunday, p's birthday .. he got this

you should have seen his face. such a happy guy! so needless to say he has been showing everyone. and we've finally been able to get around a little bit more. hallelujah!


SEL said...

Umm, WOW. That's awesome!! I'm always amazed at the skills people have to do things like that!


Bret said...

So happy for you guys! Benefits of a reliable car cannot be overstated.
xo bhrett

The Adventurer said...

YES YES YESSS!!! So happy for you! Take Rocco for a ride and please document!