Friday, September 28

dear grey's anatomy,

this past weekend at p's birthday dinner

dear paris: thank you so much for taking me to get sushi last night. when this girl is just having one of those days .. sushi is the exact cure :) you da best. dear grey's anatomy: what the what?? you are in your 9th season i thought we had seen everything but last night? yikes. now you're just reminding me how much i want to buy all of your seasons that i dont already own... still love you though. dear pitbull: i'm coming to see you this weekend! sunday night to be exact .. this is like 10 years in the making so i have some high expectations. dear three days of vacation in october: are you here yet?

happy weekending everyone!



Allison Taylor said...

When's your vacation in october? So excited for you to catch a little break!

Unknown said...

Hi from Fridays Letters!

How exciting you have a vacation coming up! Thank Goodness it's almost October!!

Have a wonderful Weekend!

xo, Heather

Kristin said...

visiting from the link up...i had the same reaction to thursday's grey's anatomy!! how could they do that? ugh!

have a great weekend. :)


Street Fashion Paris said...

Have a great weekend and vacation!!! x