Wednesday, August 29


we love going out to eat.

i think it's probably because neither one of us has mastered the art of cooking .... yet. i have plans for that though. maybe one day when i have a real kitchen

anyway, instead of cooking .. we go out! we're super lucky that there are some pretty cheap places to eat around us where we can spend around $6 each and leave bursting.

 during the week we go out at least once .. and last week we may have gone out, oh .. 4 times. it was just one of those weeks!

we went to a new (for us) place and i'd say it was a keeper! it has kind of a soda shop feel, something you would picture in an old coke advertisement. i got some chicken nachos and paris got buffalo wings (obviously) and we both agreed that we would go back.

all in all, week night date-nights are my favorite.


Allison Taylor said...

I agree, week night date-nights are the best. This restaurant looks really good!

Blue Dog Belle said...

Aww. Looks like fun! Chicken nachos for less than $6 sign me up!

xo, Emily

Rachel @ lala Lists said...

Thanks for linking up with us for Wonderful Wednesdays!


Unknown said...

aw, love date nights. That looks so good!

The Adventurer said...

There is Paris' face. I feel like I haven't seen it! Hahahah, weird? Probably not. Just tell me its not, okay?


Also... Ramzi and I eat out like everyday. I just hate leftovers so to avoid them.... well..... I don't cook hahah.