Tuesday, August 28


so i've been telling myself lately that it's okay ... 

to have a countdown going until the next long vacation at school (14.5 weeks!)

to wish i could do every tutorial/ make every recipe on my pinterest, but know i probably never will 

that i am seriously considering buying this within the year, even though i don't technically have the $$

 that i am constantly eating wanting mcdonald's mcflurries (currently m&m)

 to do a little less planning for school because i just need to relax a little more

that i haven't been on an exercise schedule in oh, months


that i am so excited for grey's anatomy and revenge to come back!

yeah .. it's definitely okay.


Anni S said...

Revenge! Me and M are desperately waiting for the next season as well!


Unknown said...

No exercise schedule, holiday countdown, m&m mcflurrys (damn you 24 hour McDonald's drive through!)... Sounds like me!

his little lady said...

so excited for revenge to come back on too! loving this post, girl!
xo TJ

Allison Taylor said...

Life takes a toll on us sometimes! But I'm glad you're starting to relax a little bit... you deserve a mcflurry!

Toxylicious said...

OMG Grey Anatomy...i cannot wait till it comes back on...they left it with a massive cliffhanger!
Found you blog via the Wonderful Wednesday link party - have followed xx

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely okay!! I already have my calender marked for the next vacay!! LOL

Happy to be your newest GFC follower. Your blog is adorable!! If you have a moment and would like to, you can visit me here The Things We Find Inside

Simply Evani said...

I love this reminder that "It's Okay". Every once in awhile, we just have to let go of the guilt or negative feelings and just let ourselves feel! I'm not up to date on greys but I am excited it's coming back!


Kristin W said...

I've been dying to buy that camera as well! It's a bit depressing when I think about how long it would take me to actually save up...plus the multitude of other items I'm trying to save for. Hope you can purchase within the year!