Monday, July 16

boston with the best

boston this weekend was awesome and just what i needed. i got in around lunch time on thursday and lindsey and i went to this delicious italian market and ordered sandwiches, the first of many yummy meals. later on we met up with my brother and laura and they took me to a little pet store by their house and i got rocco a present (to be later posted!). and finally, what i had been waiting for all day, we went to half price sushi! we call it half price sushi because thats what it is .. half price .. all the time. and it is awesome. and then i had my first starbucks in 7 months, also great.

 in the morning we made a lovely little breakfast. sweet potato home fries, eggs, and fresh strawberries. and then i found lindsey's tea stash. all those cans of tea were just some of her collection haha .. don't worry, she works at starbucks. then we geared up for a day in the city!

 it was super hot out so we walked down to the harbor and just sat and enjoyed for a little while. being in boston and sitting by the water reminded me a lot of college and that whole area. my school was right on the beach but since it was never quite warm enough to go in, except during finals week mostly, we would just sit and enjoy the smell and sounds of the water. sitting by the harbor with my college roomie was a nice little reminder.
continuing our lovely afternoon, we made a pit stop in the north end for some yummy italian treats where the chocolate immediately melted because of the heat, but were still super yummy. then we walked towards the gardens and went on the swan boats. love the little fun things around the city. then we walked and shopped alll the way up newbury street before heading home and making pesto pizza! stay tuned for the recipe ;)

it was such a perfect little weekend! it seriously reminded me of senior year and school when lindsey and i were roommates. i sure do miss her.


meme-and-he said...

CUTE sandals!

Catherine Fishback said...

Everything looks beautiful and delicious.

Nice blog!

I'm your newest follower.

FEST (food, style & travel)

his little lady said...

all of these photographs are absolutely beautiful. wanting to be on a sailboat right about now. and eat all of this scrumptious food!
xo TJ

Lindsey said...

Yay Britta what a lovely few days we had... Miss you so much!