Thursday, June 21

this is not an outfit post

this post just happens to be about my most recent purchase that i was very excited to wear. but not an outfit post.

i'm not a fashion blogger. don't get me wrong, i love clothes. but i'm not confident enough in my wardrobe choices to be posting them all over the internet all the time. i do, however, admire a good number of lovely little fashion bloggers so maybe this is a result of all the cute outfits i see from blog world.

anyway. this past year (yes, i've been in cr almost an entire year now) i have purchased 4 articles of clothing. if you knew what i was like in high school, you'd probably be asking me, are you sure you didnt mean 44? i mean 4.

and one of them happened this past weekend. it was one of those mall trips where we just planned on going to the movies and as we are walking i see one of my favorite stores (mango) with a sign that says 50% off EVERYTHING. 

so naturally i was drawn inside the store and the first item of clothing i spot is that little number up there. first thing i see, only thing i try on and i immediately am in love.

it wasn't too hard to convince myself that i had to buy it because a. it was 50% off and b. i thought i deserved to treat myself because .. well i just thought i deserved it!

and i happily wore it to the father's day celebration we had on sunday.


Anonymous said...

so cute! comfy and casual. just my style. and love your shoes!


meme-and-he said...

adorable top, I love that color!