Monday, June 18

día del padre 2

i thought it was interesting how today was father's day here in costa rica and in the usa! mother's day is celebrated in august in cr so i was suprised when i found out father's day was the same.

since i couldn't be with my padre today i spent the day at a bbq with paris's family. we went to his sister's apartment (which i love!) and had a lovely lunch outdoors by the pool with p's family and his sister's in-laws.

there was a ton of food. just the way i like it.

there were appetizers, a big paella, and my favorite costa rican dessert, torta chilena. i'm not sure how to describe it, but its a graham cracker(ish) and raspberry type filling, pie with icing on top. yum.

all in all it was a great afternoon. the weather was beautiful and the company was entertaining :)
happy father's day to all those dads out there.


meme-and-he said...

lovely! happy fathers day to yours!

Nicole Marie said...

how cute are the shirt and ties

Bret said...

Cute pictures. Paella... oh I could use some paella!