Tuesday, June 12

summer blue

1., 2., 3., 4.

i have named that pretty blue shade summer blue because it reminds me of summer. well, it really reminds me of the ocean, and that reminds me of summer.

but this summer blue doesn't remind me of just any ocean, it reminds of when my family and i would back up our ol' volvo station wagon and drive hours down to the outer banks, north carolina. we would go for a week every summer until my brother went away to college.

i always like to think about the similarities and differences of the united states and costa rica.

here in costa rica, its like a tropical paradise. some of the beaches make me think i am in pirates of the caribbean. there are monkeys everywhere and i've even seen pairs of bright red parrots flying in-sync together. tropical paradise.

there in the outer banks, the beach seems a little bit more relaxed. a little less fancy. instead of parrots, i've seen dolphins. and there are definitely way more seashells in the sand and kites flying around.

even though the beaches seem really different to me, this color makes me think of both of them.

do any colors make you think of certain places?


Anonymous said...

costa rica sounds so beautiful! <3 love that color also. especially picture #3 :)


Allison Coomes said...

This is one of my favorite colors this summer too...and I have always wanted to go to the outerbanks!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

when can I come visit you??

no really.
I'm serious.

Life With Lauren said...

Love the pins! Costa Rica sounds amazing!

Cait said...

ohmygosh i love all of these :) great blog girl!

Lena said...

A little less fancy and a bit more relaxed.. that's EXACTLY what the Outer Banks are. And that's why I think I love them so so much. :)

I am Megan said...

I loooove that ombre cake! I will so try and make something similar someday.