Tuesday, June 12

the past four days

have been really hard.

i knew that owning a puppy would be a lot of work but i didnt realize just how much of a toll it would have on me.

i love this little guy so much and i think the thing that i have been worried about the most is if i am going to raise him correctly. 

the first few nights he cried so much in the night and it broke my heart. i thought how am i ever going to be able to let him cry and cry just so that he learns we can't always pick him up?

last night one of his tias gave him her old teddy bear. we put it in his bed at night so that he felt like he was with somebody. we also put in one of the t-shirts we had been wearing all day so that he was smelling us.

worked like a charm. well, a charm that that helped him wake up only half as many times. but it sure is a start.

this whole "fur-mama" stuff is hard work. keeping up with his eating schedule, sleep schedule, going to the bathroom schedule is not leaving me much time for the me-to-do-my-work schedule!!

obviously being stressed about this little guy will come with the territory for the first few weeks. but having him around has been so so worth it so far. i can't get over how much i adore him and how i want the absolute best for him.

also, i know my last three posts have been about my new little guy but its probably going to be like that for a while. 
sorry i'm not sorry ;)


Anonymous said...

aweeeeeee he is so cute and tiny!! makes me want another puppy :p so adorable.


Alissa said...

Puppies are definitely tough in the beginning - good luck with everything!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh man, I remember those days. hang in there ... it's so totally worth it! and trust me, as long as you love the little guy, he will be raised right. that's the most important thing and no doubt you already love him more than anything. you can absolutely post about him every day!! I would love it!

Ashley said...

It does get better and then you have a cute loyal addition to your family that becomes a fur baby!!! My dogs are as spoiled as my son. Lol I love your blog I found it through the finding peace series on Sweet Little Something's. I would love for you to check out my post there today as well!! = )

bonbon said...

I think it's normal to worry about a new puppy like that, it's a big responsibility! My mom must got a new dog too and she's gone throw a lot of the same feelings you have. I think it's a good sign that you care so much shows what a great mama you'll be! Just found your blog and love it. Excited to follow along

New follower :)

Amanda said...

Oh he is so cute! It's almost hard to believe such a cute would be so much work, but I can believe it.

Megan said...

It is hard work, they are like real human babies! Mine were so much so that they actually sleep in our bed with us.

That pic is just precious!

Erica said...

This is tooo sweet. Pups are adorable but also so much work. It is well worth it though. Even though my two pups drive me crazy sometimes, I love them more than I ever imagined I would.

And don't worry, they grow out of the troublesome puppy stage eventually...hang in there, you're doing great! :)

P.S. Your pup is a cutie pie!