Monday, June 25

poolside day, mountain top night

 after a semi low-key, semi me being sick weekend, yesterday was a really great day. we spent the whole afternoon at p's sister's pool just hanging out and having a good time. a bunch of cousins came and it turned into a nice ol' family afternoon.
like i said here, p and his sister have these hardcore iphone covers that allow you to use your iphone in and under water. so needless to say we spent a long time playing with that feature. rocco spent a lot of time with teddy.

 then at night, i finally had the chance to get together with some of my coworkers. they took me to a place called mirador tiquicia which is a restaurant/lookout spot way up in the mountains. we had a little bite to eat and then enjoyed the typical costa rica dancing performance where one of my co-worker's sisters was dancing. it was really fun to watch.
 the location was just beautiful. one of my favorite parts of this country is at night when you are even just a little bit above ground level, you can see everything lit up. you could literally see about half of the country from where we were standing and it was impressive.

it was a great day. hope everyone else enjoyed themselves as well!


Samantha Shepherd said...

That location looks INCREDIBLE. What a fun day!

bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

mirador tiquicia looks amazing. like i need to pay it a visit... glad you got over your bug and out to have some fun!
xo bhrett