Sunday, April 22

the weekend

friday night was date night. what do you think of paris's red sox hat? with that and the shirt he was wearing i told him he looked just like an american ;) . we went to the movies to see american reunion. i had never seen any of the other american pie movies but none the less this one was pretty funny. then we went home and hung out with a pretty cute pup while watching some tv before we all went to bed.

saturday we hit up a weekend fav, "new york pizza." i'm so happy that paris wants to go there almost every day because it reminds me of pizza from home. it basically is pizza from home because one of the owners lived in nj for 20 years and thats where he learned to make it. lucky me i get a little taste of home every time we go (which is quite often!).

this afternoon we decided to go for a little walk, or more like a hike because we went up this incredibly steep mountain. and then it started raining halfway through so we ran the rest of the way back. not too bad of a workout. it rained the rest of the day so we just hung around, and i was able to work on my lesson plans for the week. i also made a new dish for dinner, taco pasta, which i will be posting about this week!

hope everyone had a great weekend!

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bhrett @ lost in relocation said...

oh jeez i miss NY pizza. That is one food that philly can't touch.

happy monday!
xo bhrett